Cancellation Policy Dan Truong

We understand that you are busy and things do come up. We ask that you try to provide 24 hrs notice for a cancellation. If 24 hrs cannot be provided, please let us know that you cannot make your appointment as soon as possible. By not showing up to your appointment, we will not have enough time to fill your vacated slot. This results in lost business for us (as we are very busy and slots do fill up fast).

We want everyone to have a fair-go, so we have a 3 strikes policy. If you fail to show for 3 of your appointments (do not provide any notice) – you will no longer be able to book online (your appointment will be cancelled right away) and you will only have walk-in privileges.

Please try to respect our policy as it allows our business to run smoothly which ultimately provides you, the customer, a better overall experience. Thanks for understanding!